Our story

My name is Natalie Chapman and I am the founder and company director of Trusted Law Ltd, plus a Mum to our beautiful twins and wife to Darren.

Where it all began

Prior to the twins arriving, my life was pretty ‘normal’ (whatever that is!) I worked for a big international law firm, I was studying towards my Legal Executive qualification and my career was progressing steadily. I always thought that I would work within law firms, being a ‘working mum’ when I did eventually have children, and steadily work my way up the ranks – I didn’t really know any different. Once I fell pregnant with the twins, my views didn’t really change and I even booked them a place at the local nursery when I was still pregnant.

But, as soon as the twins arrived everything changed!

I no longer wanted to work long hours in the office away from my babies. So the decision was made that I would be a ‘stay at home mum’ but on the provision that I finished my Legal Executive qualification, so I had something to fall back on.

I remember starting my studies when the twins were around 4 months old and I sat my final exam about 16 months later – that was the hardest time of my life!! I basically studied every minute that the twins slept, the house was a mess and poor Darren hardly saw me at all!

Once my study was behind me, and yes, I passed all my exams, I was enjoying the time off with the twins but it didn’t take long for me to realise that I was missing working – there is only such many nursery rhymes, abc’s, 123’s and park visits I can handle before realising I needed something more challenging.

Trusted-Wills.co.uk was born

After a little bit of research, I discovered a Consultancy role with a sister company of The Society of Will Writers and soon realised that I could possibly have my cake and eat it – I could stay at home with the twins to watch them grow and help them develop, and work on a career in an area that I have actually qualified and trained in.

Shortly afterwards I was given the opportunity to set up my own business and become a member of the Society of Will Writers; this is when Trusted-Wills.co.uk was born.

The ‘big’ move – Norfolk bound

Our family decided to move back to Norfolk in August 2014 and it was time for me to build the business here in Norfolk.  After settling the twins into nursery and the new area, I had to dedicate some time to establishing Trusted-Wills in the local area.

I realised quite quickly that Norfolk businesses were very keen on networking and most Norfolk people like to ‘buy local’. I attended some networking events, met some awesome people, gained some wonderful clients and Trusted-Wills started to take shape.

Trusted Wills & Probate Ltd – the expansion

The twins have now started school which has given me a little bit more time to grow the business.

After a few years of building Trusted-Wills, sadly some of my clients passed away and their families approached me to ask about their Probate.  In order to continue to support my clients and their families I explored the different ways to support them during those difficult times, when a loved one has passed away.  I have re-trained to offer Probate services as part of my business.

In August 2016, I made the decision to change Trusted Wills from a sole trader company to a Limited Company; Trusted Wills & Probate Ltd was born – trading as Trusted-Wills and Trusted-Probate here in Norfolk.

Trusted Law Ltd – the final change (for a while anyway)

After a fantastic year for Trusted Wills & Probate Ltd, I have made the decision to take on Consultants to help to continue our great service and help more clients with their Estate Planning needs.

From January 2018, I have launched the new company name of Trusted Law Ltd. This will enable us to take on Consultants to offer the same great service to many more clients, and incorporate more services in the future.  

 I will still be at the helm of the company, available to talk to any client or business partner, but will be building a trusted team around me.

In summary……

So as you can see my life has completely changed since having the twins.

I have gone from working at a big international law firm Monday-Friday (plus overtime!) to being a ‘stay at home mum’ and having my own successful business to develop and grow.

Setting up ‘Trusted Wills’ enabled me to stay at home to look after my twins in their early years, and continue with my legal career.  It has been, and continues to be, extremely hard work (and a struggle at times!) but I am enjoying the whole experience. I have always enjoyed meeting and getting to know new people so this seems like the perfect combination.

Thanks for reading my journey!